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The HEXTECH Industrial Fluidworks set is a modular construction set designed to meet the chemical, fuel, or water processing and logistics needs of any size installation, from military bases to sprawling mega-cities.


Consisting of a series of storage tanks, subterranean pumps, processing plants and modular pipelines, The Industrial Fluidworks series includes everything you need to establish anything from a municipal water treatment system to an industrial fuel processing facility.


Buildings optionally come with detachable hex footings for flexibility in game systems.


Add pipelinesPipeline Booster Bundle

Add elevated pipelines: Elevated Pipeline Bundle


Produced for 6-10mm scale tabletop war games inc Battletech, Alphastrike, Epic 40k etc

Buildings come with optional detachable hex footings for flexibility in game systems.


A multi part kit printed in PLA at 0.2mm layer height on high quality printers. This is supplied unpainted and will require construction. Mechs in the images are for scale illustration only and are not included.


A Note on Magnets

HEXTECH Industrial Fluidworks models benefit from the addition of small magnets to help easily connect parts to pipelines.  Hex bases also include sockets for magnets to hold the bases to the models. These models are designed to work with magnets 3x2mm. Note magnets are not included with these bundles.


3D printed in PolyTerra Matte Charcoal Black PLA. Why we chose to use PolyTerra PLA:


  • Improved Ductility - PolyTerra™ PLA delivers improved ductility which is less brittle (Charpy Impact) in X-Y axis than standard PLA formulations.
  • Easy Sanding - PolyTerra™ PLA is softer and easier to sand in comparison to regular PLA filaments and can be easily painted.
  • Bioplastic PLA Formula: - PolyTerra™ PLA is a newly developed material from Polymaker called FBC (Fully Bio Compound). It is a compound of high quality Ingeo PLA and compounded with naturally occurring elements. PLA is biodegradable under industrial composting conditions however the degradation rate is very slow in ambient temperatures. Polymakers FBC formula ​contains less PLA plastic to degrade making PolyTerra™ PLA a more environmental friendly material.
  • Eco-sustainable Packaging & Carbon Offset: - Polymaker are committed to helping combat plastic waste, as such PolyTerra™ PLA comes on a fully recycled cardboard spool with recycled labels and box. Furthermore, Polymaker will plant one tree in Australia through the ONETREEPLANTED association for every locally sold spool of PolyTerra™ PLA.


Manufactured on a FDM 3D printer in PLA. As is the nature of anything 3D printed, there may be faint layer lines / flashing visible. Delivered unp-ainted and un-primed.


We are exceptionally proud to be the licensed merchant for Thunderhead Studio in Australia, we can make anything in their range so please get in touch if you see something we haven't listed.


Shipped using Sendle or Australia Post Express.

HEXTECH Industrial Fluidworks Large Tank for Battletech Alphastrike 6mm

PriceFrom $17.00
GST Included
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